Doula in Prague

Hello, my name is Ivona. I am a mother of three children, and a certified doula.

As a doula, I help women during pregnancy, childbirth and after the birth of their baby to enjoy this special time as much as possible.

I operate in Prague and its vicinity. I speak fluent English and Czech, and can accompany you to the hospital and help you communicate with Czech staff. I also offer personal, online and phone consultations.

My services include:

  • One to two prenatal meetings in your home or anywhere else before the birth
  • Phone and email support throughout pregnancy and postpartum period
  • Referrals for additional services you may need
  • On-call 24 hours a day beginning from 2 weeks before the due date until the birth
  • Personalized help in preparing your birth plan and ensuring it's honored
  • Lending library, including books and printed materials
  • Continuous presence throughout birth, providing emotional, physical and informational support, and communications with Czech hospital staff
  • Hands-on support with breastfeeding
  • Postpartum visit to review the birth, get feedback, and provide necessary referrals


Complete Care Pack
Complete care before, during and after the birth. 7500 CZK
Online Care Pack
Complete online care before, during and after the birth. 6000 CZK
Preparation Pack
Three 90-minute sessions. 2100 CZK in person, 1800 CZK online
700 CZK/hour in person, 600 CZK/hour online


If you're interested in my services, contact me online via this web-form, or call +420 775 138 437